The Wilderness

The Wilderness

Fynbos and Buchu are native to South African shores, and are known to lift the spirits. Add a bit of naartjie for a refreshing twist.


  • 50ml Wilderer Fynbos Gin (or any Gin)
  • Cubed Ice
  • 1 CanSchweppes Tonic Water
  • Buchu Flower
  • Naartjie peel (substitute: orange peel)


  1. Start off by pre-chilling your copa glass by stirring ice around the glass, 10 times. Once chilled, add your gin and garnish. Stir the cocktail, Finally, top it off with Schweppes Tonic Water.

    *Schweppes Tonic Water does not contain fresh fruit. The Wilderness Cocktail, if you follow the recipe, does.