Egoli in the summer, can you find a moodier place with it's hot days and stormy nights? The Egoli Summer cocktail perfectly encapsulates that notion with its refreshing taste and the Schweppes Ginger Ale kick.


  • 150 ml Pimms
  • 100 ml Gin
  • 400mlSchweppes Ginger Ale
  • 200mlSchweppes Lemonade
  • 6 slices Watermelon
  • 10Mint leaves / pelargonium leaves
  • 6Cucumber Rings
  • HalfLemon
  • HalfOrange
  • Cubed Ice
  • Edible Flowers
  • Mint Sprig


  1. This one sure is a party pleaser. Start off by placing all the fruit into a litre jug. Add the Pimms followed by the gin. Add cubed ice and top with Schweppes Ginger Ale and Schweppes Lemonade. Serving suggestion: use flowered tea cups. Serving for 2.

    *Schweppes Ginger Ale does not contain fresh fruit. The Egoli Summer Cocktail, if you follow the recipe, does.